Flash Briefings

Hosted by organisations that offer specialist knowledge and advice, these mini interactive flash briefings are designed to outline ideas and methods, initiate discussion and help you share ideas and issues with your peers. Lasting only 15 minutes, these sessions will help spark thoughts and answer questions about some more the major issues facing education today.

10.40am - 10.55am

Can investment in technology enable teachers to maximise their classroom potential?
Hosted by Andy Close, Solutions Architect, Counterpoint
Briefing Room

Technology can enable students to reach their full potential, however it’s not often what you buy it is how its implemented that counts. Andy Close, Founder and solutions architect at Counterpoint will be hosting this flash briefing session to find out what its really like for teachers and network managers using tech in their schools.

11.50am - 12.05pm

Who does it better: Computer Vs. Teachers
Hosted by Century Tech
Briefing Room

Who does it better: Computer Vs. Teachers. Who is better at Marking; Collecting & Analysing data; Differentiating & scaffolding lessons; Reporting to stakeholders; Teaching & Learning? Will teachers ever be replaced by computers?

1.20pm - 1.35pm

Effective Vocabulary Teaching
Hosted by Amy Reed, Lexonik
Briefing Room

Using a combination of unique resources and instruction, Lexonik has been improving literacy and accelerating learning for learners of all ability, across the UK and beyond. Come along to discuss the importance of effective vocabulary teaching and experience first-hand how you can support the development of your students' reading skills through decoding and word mastery techniques.

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